Odds and ends for a snowy Thursday

Now that you’re finished digging out your driveways, here are a few political notes you might have missed, especially if your paper landed under a heap of snow:

  • Vince Rongione, running for the open seat in the 163rd Legislative District, announced Wednesday that several local Democratic Committee Chairs are endorsing him. They include Upper Darby Chair Ed Bradley, Upper Darby Vice Chair Matt Silva, Aldan Chair Michael Ceci, Aldan Vice Chair Dan Procopio, Havertown Chair Judith LaLonde and Havertown Vice Chair Brian Kennedy. The Delaware County Democratic Party’s nominating convention is Feb. 20.
  • Gov. Tom Corbett wrote the Daily Times, arguing Pennsylvania has recovered from the Great Recession and is ready to hit its full economic stride. Read his letter here.
  • The Daily Times editorial board argues that the retirement of Pennsylvania Speaker of the House Sam Smith is indicative of changing dynamics in Harrisburg. That argument is here.
  • Local Democrats are criticizing the makeup of Upper Darby’s redistricting committee, claiming it is not reflective of the township’s diversity. Kevin Tustin reports here.
  • Nationally, the deficit is down from last year and a debt-limit bill is awaiting President Obama’s signature. Also, Obama increased the minimum wage for federal contract workers Wednesday.

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