Missed Delaware County Council? Here’s what happened

Delaware County council approved a series of agenda items Wednesday, including the award of a contract to Metro Flag Company to furnish 57,600 flags for Veterans Affairs at a cost of $30,528.09. The flags will be placed alongside the gravestones and markers of military veterans buried in the county.

Council also:

  • Accepted a $125,000 STOP Violence Against Women Grant for 2014. The STOP (Services, Training, Officers and Prosecutors) program seeks to improve the criminal justice system’s response to violent crimes against women. It also promotes the development of law enforcement and prosecution strategies to address such crimes. Delaware County government has received more than $5 million in STOP grants since 1997.
  • Approved two contract amendments to add the capability to move email and Microsoft Office to Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Technology. The three-year contracts cost a combined $189,360.13, but will bring a net savings of more than $63,000.
  • Approved the purchase of patron access to Westlaw for the Francis J. Catania Law Library for 36 months and various Thompson/West printed publications. The purchases will cost $174,552 in 2014; $178,032 in 2015 and $181,596 in 2016.
  • Reappointed Carmen P. Belefonte, of Haverford; James R. Flandreau, of Middletown; and Gerald Lawrence, of Radnor, to the Delaware County Board of Election for two-year terms ending Jan. 25, 2016. Belefonte and Lawrence also were reappointed to serve on the Delaware County Registration Commission for two-year terms expiring Jan. 25, 2016. Flandreau was appointed to the registration commission for the same two-year term.
  • Approved a $175,000 Community Development Block Grant and HOME partnership program loan settlement between Cliff House Housing Partnership, Cliff House Assisted Living and the county for the Cliff House Assisted and Independent Living facility.
  • Honored Ice Works of Aston for its economic contributions to Delaware County.

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