Save Upper Darby Arts endorses Billy Smith for state House

The political action committee formed by Save Upper Darby Arts announced it is endorsing Billy Smith for state House.

Smith, a lawyer from Lansdowne, is challenging state Rep. Margo Davidson, D-164, of Upper Darby in the Democratic primary. Dafan Zhang, a law student from East Lansdowne, also is running as a Democrat.

Saud Siddiqui, the chief operating officer of Upper Darby Caring Foundation, is running unopposed in the Republican primary.

Save Upper Darby Arts formed as a grassroots organization two years ago to prevent drastic cuts to Upper Darby School District’s art, music, physical education, library, technology and foreign language programs.

The group attracted national media attention by producing an online video and gathering more than 22,000 petition signatures. The group’s efforts led the General Assembly to restore $2.726 million to Upper Darby.

Chairperson Colleen Kennedy released a statement saying the endorsement is “the most important endorsement we will make this election cycle.” The statement said the PAC is backing Smith because Davidson previously voted in support of a vouchers amendment and also accepted campaign donations from Students First, a political action committee supporting school choice.



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