Pennsylvania Business Council PAC endorses Margo Davidson

State Rep. Margo Davidson, D-164, of Upper Darby, received the endorsement of the political action committee affiliated with the Pennsylvania Business Council.

Davidson, who faces a challenge in the Democratic primary, was among seven incumbent House members endorsed by the organization’s political action committee. The group backed four Democrats and three Republicans.

“These seven House members all supported both the recent Transportation overhaul legislation and the ‘Apology’ bill, a tort reform measure which prohibits plaintiffs from using most physician apologies against them in court,” PBC President David W. Patti said in a statement.

The Pennsylvania Business Council founded its political action committee in 1972. The PAC bills itself as the oldest, pro-business PAC in Pennsylvania.

According to the endorsement announcement, the PAC supports candidates “who are best for the business community without regard to political party membership.”

Davidson is seeking her third term in Harrisburg. She faces a primary challenge from Billy Smith, of Lansdowne, and Dafan Zhang, of East Lansdowne. Davidson also has the endorsement of the Delaware County Democratic Party.

Saud Siddiqui, of Upper Darby, is running for the seat as a Republican.


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