Delaware County voter registration breakdown by General Assembly disrict

Today’s voter registration story in the Daily Times noted that the Democratic Party has increased its countywide advantage, though Republicans still hold majorities in two General Assembly districts that will feature open-seat elections in November – the 26th Senatorial District and 163rd Legislative District.

Here’s how the rest of the county’s General Assembly districts break down. Please note that districts with an asterisk only show the Delaware County portion of its voters. All numbers are as of April 29.

159th Legislative District
Democrats: 23,495
Republicans: 13,673
Total: 40,787

160th Legislative District*
Democrats: 8,657
Republicans: 16,552
Total: 29,328

161st Legislative District
Democrats: 17,417
Republicans: 22,674
Total: 46,097

162nd Legislative District
Democrats: 15,902
Republicans: 21,437
Total: 41,664

163rd Legislative District
Democrats: 16,856
Republicans: 21,205

164th Legislative District
Democrats: 25,043
Republicans: 7,515
Total: 36,414

165th Legislative District
Democrats: 15,505
Republicans: 24,288
Total: 45,675

166th Legislative District*
Democrats: 17,319
Republican: 15,085
Total: 38,395

168th Legislative District
Democrats: 15,909
Republicans: 24,257
Total: 46,539

185th Legislative District*
Democrats: 5,930
Republicans: 1,329
Total: 7,819

191st Legislative District*
Democrats: 9,155
Republicans: 926
Total: 10,828

8th Senatorial District*
Democrats: 30,924
Republicans: 11,916
Total: 46,967

9th Senatorial District*
Democrats: 49,272
Republicans: 56,003
Total: 119,681

17th Senatorial District*
Democrats: 24,841
Republican: 24,107
Total: 58,145

26th Senatorial District*
Democrats: 66,151
Republicans: 76,915
Total: 161,903



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