Tom McGarrigle launches ad campaign in state Senate bid

Tom McGarrigle, the Republican candidate for the open seat in the 26th Senatorial District, has launched an advertisement campaign that includes a television spot.

The TV ad, dubbed “Beginnings,” began airing regionally May 30, according to campaign spokesperson Virginia Davis. It features McGarrigle working in his automotive repair shop and discussing the values instilled in him by his mother, who became a widow when she was 34 years old with eight children.

“She taught us honesty, integrity and hard work,” McGarrigle says in the advertisement. “And those are the values I’ll take to Harrisburg.”

McGarrigle, the chairman of Delaware County Council, is campaigning against Democrat John Kane, the business manager of Plumbers Union Local 690. They each seek the state Senate seat being vacated by Republican Edwin “Ted” Erickson, who is retiring.

This television ad coincides with a series of mailers also issued by the McGarrigle campaign. He has distributed four mailers touting his commitment to senior citizens and his record on job creation and public safety.

“This is an opportunity to introduce Tom to voters in areas that are not as familiar with him in Chester County and remind folks in Delaware County of his record and the things he has done on county council,” Davis said.


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3 responses to “Tom McGarrigle launches ad campaign in state Senate bid”

  1. William B. Smith says :

    Hello Patriots,
    The only thing the Republicans have ever done for the people of Delaware County, is raise taxes and anything else that they can get more money from the people . All of the years I lived in Delaware County, that is all I saw.
    W.B.Smith, Tea Party

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