Corbett releases statement on Moulton Report

Republican Gov. Tom Corbett issued a statement saying the Moulton Report affirms that that Jerry Sandusky child molestation investigation “was conducted appropriately and timely.”

The Moulton Report, commissioned by Attorney General Kathleen Kane and conducted by former federal prosecutor Geoff Moulton, examined the handling of the Sandusky investigation. The report, released this morning, did not find any evidence that politics affected the three-year investigation, but faulted police and prosecutors for delaying charges.

Corbett served as the attorney general when the Sandusky investigation was launched in 2009. During her 2012 campaign for attorney general, Kane accused Corbett of delaying the investigation so it would not impact his successful 2010 gubernatorial campaign.

Corbett is seeking re-election. He faces Democrat Tom Wolf.

Here is Corbett’s full statement, released by his press office this morning:

“The Sandusky investigation was conducted with a single purpose:  to ensure justice for the victims and families by taking a child predator off the streets. Nothing more. Nothing less.

“As I have said many times, this investigation was conducted appropriately and timely.  Because of the complexity of the case and for the sake of the victims, the investigators were careful to explore all evidence to the fullest extent. As made clear by the Moulton Report, this investigation was never about politics.  It was always about the people victimized by this man.

“I am proud of the hard work of men and women who joined in the effort to support and fight for these victims.  It was, however, difficult to see their motives and professionalism called in to question.  The release of this report reaffirms the integrity of their efforts.  It refutes each aspect of the case that the Attorney General and others have questioned; has found no evidence of deliberate delay; and underscores the importance and appropriateness of the methods used in the investigation and subsequent conviction of a child predator.

“As a prosecutor and now Governor, I have dedicated my life’s work to protect all victims of crime, especially the victims of sexual abuse.  My record and actions attest to that.

“I appreciate Mr. Moulton’s professional approach, thoughtful review and his recommendations.”



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