Adolph unveils amended GOP budget proposal

State Rep. William Adolph, the chair of the House Appropriations Committee, unveiled an amended budget proposal today in Harrisburg.

The $29.1 billion spending plan, proposed as an amendment to House Bill 2328, includes a 1.9 percent spending increase from last year’s budget. It assumes 3.2 percent revenue growth – the same growth as projected by the Independent Fiscal Office, said Adolph, R-165, of Springfield.

The budget will be balanced using a “series of transfers, lapses and other revenue options,” Adolph said when he unveiled the plan.

It also includes increases to public education and human services.

“This is not the end of discussions and I’m sure the Senate will make some changes to this plan,” Adolph said. “But this is an important step forward to getting a fourth, on-time general appropriations budget.”

The budget proposal was approved by the House Appropriations Committee earlier today.

The proposal includes a $323 million increase to K-12 education, including an additional $70 million more for basic education and another $20 million for special education. It also allocates an extra $8.7 to the Pre-K Counts program, which will serve another 1,453 children.

Funding for all higher education programs remains flat, though a new $5 million line item was added to award middle income students merit-based grants.

The budget for the Department of Public Welfare increased by 1.6 percent, which Adolph said was due to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and other federally-mandated costs. It also commits an additional $10.4 million to the Department of Environmental Protection and increases line items for domestic violence programs by 10 percent.

“This is a solid spending plan that puts the priorities of our citizens firsts and makes sure that we are being good fiscal stewards of taxpayer money,” Adolph said.




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4 responses to “Adolph unveils amended GOP budget proposal”

  1. William B. Smith says :

    Hello Patriots,
    The GOP is at it again. They are blowing a lot of hot air.
    Everytime the Polticians raise the tolls on the turnpike, the Inspection fee, the inspection sticker for your car, its the same as raising your taxes. They just keep putting their hand in your pocket.
    W.B.Smith, Tea Party

    • pookie1 says :

      Give em’ Hell Harry.

      • pookie1 says :

        Cut funding for the E P A they are a group of SPONGES and need to be kept in check for a while.If they are left alone they will try to control your METHANE GAS when you pass gas.

    • William B. Smith says :

      Hello Patriots,
      How much money does Mr Adolph have in HIS SLUSH FUND ?
      W.B.Smith, Tea Party

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