Gov.-elect Wolf taps McGinty as Chief of Staff

Governor-elect Tom Wolf named Katie McGinty as his chief of staff, citing her broad experience in the state and federal government.

McGinty, who led the Wolf-affiliated Campaign for a Fresh Start during the gubernatorial campaign, has more than 25 years of public service, including a stint at the White House during former President Bill Clinton’s administration.

“She will be an asset to my administration and to the people of Pennsylvania,” Wolf said in a statement. “In federal and state government, Katie worked with diverse interests to achieve meaningful change change in difficult environments. Her experience will help me work with Republicans and Democrats to move Pennsylvania forward.”

Wolf defeated Republican Gov. Tom Corbett last week, becoming the first challenger to knock out an incumbent governor in Pennsylvania’s modern history. However, Republicans added to their majorities in both the state Senate and House.

McGinty previously served as both Clinton’s deputy assistant and as the chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, where she worked to pass environmental legislation and led initiatives to redevelop brown fields, preserve key ecosystems and improve environmental protection.

Former Gov. Ed Rendell nominated McGinty in 2003 to serve as the secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. She was the first woman to hold the post.

McGinty, who also has experience in the private sector, unsuccessfully ran for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination last spring. She finished fourth of four candidates.

Wolf will be inaugurated Jan. 20, 2015.





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